Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Anyone else notice that not all Peanut M&Ms contain a peanut?

The candy is the same size, so the space left by the missing peanut is filled with chocolate.
(This part is actually A-okay with me.)

Are they trying to save money by skimping on the nuts?
Is chocolate that much cheaper than a peanut?

What gives?


Andy said...

M&Ms are my favorite candy. But, in 50 years of buying them, I have never eaten a peanut M&M.

So, I got nuttin'...

las794 said...

I get a peanut-less peanut M&M once in a great while. The question to me is more "how the heck do they get a peanut into every individual M?" rather than how one peanut gets left out. I vote for a field trip to the M&M factory--with samples, of course!

nnmlknw said...

I bet you got an M & M that had a late peanut.

I heard that because peanuts work in a chocolate factory they always take their own sweet time.

ba dum dum.