Thursday, June 03, 2010

Six of one; half a dozen of the other

At the farmer's market, Younger Son and I purchased a half-dozen donuts to share with The Husband and Elder Son.

"You know," he said conspiratorily, "We could eat two of those donuts right now, and they'd never know."
I gasped dramatically, "How dare you suggest such a thing!"
"You're right.  We could eat six of these and they'd never know."
"Now you're talkin'!"


Anonymous said...

Tomorrow is national donut day day!

Indeed it is. Celebrates the Salvation Army donut girls.


Dani said...

Smart boy!

nnmlknw said...

Aww, took the wind out of my sails. Happy Doughnut Day anyway.

I know a doughnut shop owner. I have yet to try to get free doughnuts off her. I'm slipping. ;)