Friday, June 25, 2010

Random Friday

Things I can't throw away:

  • books
  • stuffed animals
  • boxes that stack nice for storage (even if I have no need for them)
  • music CDs (even if I don't like the artist)
  • yarn (naturally)
If I need to get rid of any of these types of things, I have to give them away.  I have to find a new "home" for them.

What can't you throw in the trash?


Jen said...

My family likes to give stuff to GoodWill or the like. I don't think I could ever give up yarn though unless it was to someone I knew was going to use it.

Dani said...

Anything that was a goft even if I didn't like it. I'm always afraid that the person who gave it to me will ask to see it.

Dani said...

Uh gift not goft. I can't type.

Roses said...

I just assumed a goft was a gift relating to golf.

Andy said...

Old touch-tone telephones, and the stuff the sons left here when they moved away and said, "I don't need it."

I am POSITIVE that they will need it some time in the future.

And, pieces of nylon rope. Okay, I'm weird...

Roses said...

Andy: After each of her children moved out and left stuff home, Mom would wrap up choice items and give them back to us kids for Christmas and birthdays.
Eventually, she cleaned our junk out of her house. :-)

Andy said...

Heh! Good idea, Roses! Seriously!

Awww...there is a bunch of stuff they don't think they need at that age. Three of the four are gone now, and I'm hanging on to what I KNOW they will want.

I left home myself I know.

I think I'm going to start that tradition. Your Momma was a smart lady.

Roses said...

Those stuffed animals I can't throw away? 21st birthday present.

::nods and winks::

Cellar Door said...

Really, a better question for me is, what can you throw away?

And the answer is: Sometimes I throw out packaging. Occasionally a yogurt container, but those are pretty useful, actually.

bx19 said...

I can't throw away anything.
The moment I throw something away, recycle, give to charity shop, then that is the moment I actually find a use for it!!!!

nnmlknw said...

I'm with 'ya on books and stuffed toys.

I also have a hard time throwing out shoes. I'll be darned if I know why. I have some pairs hanging around right now that by all rights should be gone. And thread. I do embroidery. Thread can always be used. And buttons. ... You know what? I think I just discovered I might be a bit of a pack rat. :/

Teresa said...

Books - even bad books - even books that are falling apart at the seams. I have to really work at throwing them out. If I do I always feel like a "book burner" LOL.

WhisperingWriter said...

I can't throw away books either. I usually give them away but even that's painful.