Thursday, June 17, 2010

The other van

The Husband took the boys shoe shopping yesterday afternoon, and as often happens they walked up to the wrong van in the parking lot.
After trying the key with no success, The Husband heard Elder Son mutter, "There's a frog on the dashboard.  I don't think this is our van."

The proper vehicle was located, they drove home, and proceded to unload their purchases.
The Husband looked around at the bags the boys were carrying to the door.
"Where are the rest of the bags?" he asked.
Younger Son replied, "In the other van."


The Gray Monk said...

I think that qualifies as a major Oooooops. Followed by Ack Eeeeeeeeeeeeek.

Miss Em said...

If the Key did not work in the "other" van then how did they get the "rest of the bags" in the "other" van.

In other words YS found the open door and loaded the "other" van without saying a word to 'Husband'


Roses said...

No, no.
He was joking.

Priscilla said...

My best friend and I had the exact same van for years. Once middles shoes came up missing and he swore he put them in the van. Turns out he did put them in the van. Her van. We all had boys the same age and she never even noticed.