Wednesday, June 09, 2010


I know it doesn't take much time to sharpen an eye liner pencil, but I just can't seem to manage it on my schedule.

Also, the reason I rejoice at a forecast for a week of 70 degree weather isn't so much because I hate the heat (which I do) as much as I can wear slacks and won't have to take time to shave my legs this week.

Only me, ladies?


Teresa said...

Well, I give myself a day off once in a while - much easier when it's cold. With pilates I must try to keep up because if I wait a few days I'd need a hacksaw to get rid of it all. heh.

Dani said...

I hear ya sista! Honestly I only shave a couple times a week or if I think someon is likely to see them.

Priscilla said...

Yeah, well, here in SoCal I've had to put shaving on my shower schedule 3 TIMES A WEEK!! Cuz I is hairy. I so hate shaving.

vw bug said...

I hate shaving and will wear jeans in 100F weather to avoid it at times.