Friday, May 07, 2010

Universal Kids' Imaginations

No matter what background a kid comes from, it seems there are some games kids play that are universal.

  -  All boys will, at some point, manage to fashion a toy gun out of something

  -  All girls will, at some point, wrap something in a blanket and call it a baby

  -  All kids will, at some point, decide the floor/ground is hot lava

  -  All kids in North America will, at some point, launch a half-hearted attempt to dig a hole to China. (Do kids in any other areas do something similar?)

Can you think of any other kids games/toys that everyone seems to discover at some point in their childhood?


Andy said...

All kids (at least all boys) will take the sheets off their beds, and use chairs and clothes pins to make a tent to camp out for the night.

Priscilla said...

Super hero capes with their blankies!

Lemon Stand said...

Kids will always cut each others hair or their own.

Use just about anything (and I do mean ANYTHING) wet to create a fingerpaint Picaso.

They will ALWAYS repeat the most embarrassing things you ever wish you had never uttered in front of the worst possible audience at the worst possible time. (Man, I need to blog about this one!)

And if they are anything like my husband, they will ask at the dinner table the question, "Do the mothers of chinese kids tell them to stop digging a hole to America?"

Miss Em said...

Discover the magical benifits of mud and then track it inside the house.

vw bug said...

Stack things up and push them down.

nnmlknw said...

Use anything long as a sword. This includes pillows, paper towel rolls, balloons, fingers, toes, and shoes.

Cellar Door said...

Tape toilet paper rolls together to make binoculars.