Monday, May 17, 2010

Tucked in. Tuckered out.

The Husband had already been sleeping when I crawled into bed Friday night.

He:  What are the boys doing?
Me:  Elder Son is playing something on his laptop, and Younger Son is watching.
He:  Because I can hear Elder Son talking with his low voice.  Not so much hear him as much as feel the vibration through the wall.
Me:  I told them to be quiet because you were sleeping.  Then I came in here and starting talking to you.

The bedroom door silently slid open a few inches.

Me:  That would be the cat.
He:  You didn't tell the cat I was sleeping?
Me:  He was in the same room when I told the boys.  Is it my fault he wasn't paying attention?


Chazya said...

the cat had to make sure for himself....

Dani said...

Chazya is right cat's don't trust mesangers.