Friday, May 14, 2010

Random Friday

Actions speak louder than words, unless those words are posted on Facebook.


I don't know in which context this phrase would ever come up, but I hope it catches on:

"MILF and cookies"


I'd sure like to know how an electronic digital clock can lose time.  The battery-operated one, okay, old batteries.  But why the electronic one?


Oh, and here's a tip:
If you know someone with a terminally ill family member, someone who carries her cell phone with her at all times in order to take a final phone call from said ill family member before that beloved family member passes on, someone whose inner soul cries out in despair everytime her cell rings because it might be THE call... if you know this person, DO NOT frickin' text that person at 4am Sunday morning to wish her a Happy Mother's Day.
Especially if that person is not your mother.
'cause you can stuff that greeting up your well-meaning ass.
At 4am.



Furthermore, if you have a co-worker with a terminally ill family member, and you ask her "How's your mom?" and before she can answer you announce that you have a friend with anal cancer ("Can you believe it? Anal cancer?"), and even as your co-worker opens her mouth to say something you continue on with a laundry list of people you know with all kinds of cancers... if this is you, you are a piece of work.
I truly do not know what to do with you.


Anonymous said...

Gasoline and a match?
No that would be wrong, right?
Sorry for your troubles.

Dani said...

It is amazing to me how tacktless people can be. I mean okay we all stick our foot in our mouth ocassionally but most of us realize we've made a boo boo and shut up then or even say "sorry".

BTW Love MILF and cookies. I'm at my desk smothering myself so my coworkers won't wonder why I'm giggling like a loon.

Teresa said...

The clock obviously has a bad "chip" in it. The chip is the thing that keeps the time, it is not running properly, thus it loses time. This happens in computers all the time and technically, computers are just ginomous clocks. They tick off bits of time and each slice of time is allotted to a process to run. How is it then, they can almost never keep a proper clock time? Heh. A mystery for the ages.

Sorry to hear that you're dealing with the clueless of the world who seem to find it necessary to inject a little extra excitement into your life. *sigh*

Mrs. Who said...

My clock GAINS time whenever the power goes out...even with a battery back-up...currently it's 13 minutes ahead. It means doing a lot of math in the morning when it goes off...'let's says that it's 5:25 AM, which really means it's 5:12, and if I hit the snooze, then it will be 5:34, which will really be...screw it...hit the snooze again!'

And those ignorant asshats?? When the end is near, and your loved one is literally dying in the next room...they'll sit there and start picking out the items they want from the home. It's a wonder there aren't more violent deaths around people who have cancer...

Anonymous said...

The last poster brought back a blast from
the past. About 15 years ago I had a very
bad health scare. After many test it turned
into a non issue , one day my only sister
came to the. house with pasted notes , with
her name on them , and started to but
them on my things she wanted , after
"you know what". My three kids watched
open mouthed , crying, ect. I sent
sis dear packing , had the kids remove the
pasted notes , mailed them back to her ,
and called for an appr to make a will.
Sometimes family can hurt you the most.
Hope your path is not so

Andy said...

Roses, I don't have anything to offer. I just wanted you to know I read the post, and that you and your family are in our prayers.

Well, maybe I do have something.'s just a platitude, and you don't need that.

The Gray Monk said...

Sometimes you do have to ask yourself what these people are thinking - or not.

Keeping you in my prayers.

Priscilla said...


aye yi yi

I know they mean well. (maybe they don't!) You should've heard the crap I got while going through chemo. I'd be willing to bet your rele's are hearing some comical things as well. (like that super duper unknown cancer cure from the Amazon rain forest)

I know what you mean about the phone thing. When my folks are ill I sleep with that phone under my pillow. If not, it's downstairs where I will never hear it. Because who texts in the middle of the night? Just about everyone I know evidently.