Thursday, April 22, 2010

Too Much

Too Much Social Networking

I dreamed last night that I was visiting blogfriend Teresa and was thrilled to pieces to find out her next door neighbor just happend to be another blogfriend, Dani!
And I was so happy to see them both, I mentioned it in my status on Facebook.

Too Much Western Movie Watching

I had the cat in my arms when I went to wake up Elder Son this morning.  The boy reached a hand out of his covers to scritch the cat.  But, apparently a quick pet wasn't enough.  When I started to move away, Elder Son said, "Just leave the bottle."


Dani said...

Lol that would be AWESOME!

Roses said...

I know!

Teresa said...

I love it! How I wish I had dreams like that. I never remember mine. LOL.