Friday, April 16, 2010

Random Friday

Says Elder Son:  You know why we don't have any superheroes in real life?  It's because we got rid of all the phone booths.


I had a dream that John Cusack was my boyfriend.  I told him it didn't seem fair that I knew so much more about him than he knew about me because I'd seen all his movies.
He leaned in close like he was sharing a secret.   "Those movies," he whispered, "They're not real."


nnmlknw said...

Slap your subconscious silly. He should of leaned in to... do something else. Well, I want to buddy punch your subconscious. What a tease.

Dani said...

"They're not real." That cracks me up. In that I'm laughing way more than that joke realy merits way.

Roses said...

No, no, Dani. You're laughing in an appropriate measure. :)

Cellar Door said...

Does The Husband know about this John fellow? You two sure are sharing a lot of secrets.