Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Move it, Lady!

Woke up in the middle of the night with the distinct feeling of teeth gripping my hand.
Gripping, not biting.
Then, my hand was lifted from the bed and was gently set back down about an inch to the left.

And, with my arm now the proper distance from my body to accommodate a cat, he settled in next to me and purred himself to sleep.

(I was truly amazed.  He'd never done anything like that before... that I know of.)


Miss Em said...

Sometimes a cat knows when you are in the need of something warm and cuddle-ly next to you.

Mine, simply crawls under the covers and curls up right in the middle of my back and vibrates the night away. Sometimes it actually helps with 'Ole Mr A' in the winter months.

Miss Em

Dani said...

Wow Vladi is not that nice he tickles me with his whiskers until I wake up and give him attention.

Cellar Door said...

That's so sweet. My kitty used to paw me in the face, gently, to wake me up and feed him. My first view of the day would be those giant, rotten looking fangs.