Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Listening Session

At lunch the other day, Elder Son's buddy recounted a regular feature on the morning show of the country music station where The Husband anchors the news (in addition to anchoring on the news/talk station where I work).  This buddy mentioned "your dad" and "that crazy guy he works with".  Elder Son could only shake his head and shrug his shoulders in response, because we listen to the news station in the morning.

"What?!" exclaimed his buddy.  "You don't listen to your own dad on the radio?!?"
Elder Son replied, "I don't listen to him at home.  Why should I listen to him at work?"


Dani said...

lol honesty should be cherished.

Andy said...

Funny kid!

Funny...I didn't listen to my Dad at home, either.

When I went to work for him, I HAD to listen to him.

I found out just how much I had missed...