Thursday, April 01, 2010

Air head

The guy on the airplane looked nothing like John Cusack, but something about his posture and mannerisms made me, in my head, believe I sat next to John Cusack for an hour and a half.  That's right... in coach.

We enjoyed exactly two exchanges:

Before takeoff
He:  (referring to the line of planes ahead of us) Wow.  Quite a log jam.
Me:  (pointing to the line of planes behind us)  Just be glad we're not that guy.

After landing
Me:  (referring to a fire truck hosing down an area we were about to taxi through)  Hey, look!  Car wash!
He:  Hopefully, they're not cleaning up an mess from another airplane.  Oo!

Believe me friends, had I truly been sitting next to John Cusack...that's right, in coach... the conversation (especially my half of it) would most likely have been just as exciting and intelligent... if not less so.


leeann said...

John Cusack in on my "want for Christmas" list right after Mike Rowe and Tom Hanks.

Roses said...

leeann: Forget Christmas. Celebrate early!