Friday, March 12, 2010

This week in random...

There has never been a conversation my children have attempted to hold with me through a bathroom door that couldn't have waited until I came out.

It's as if the sound of the door shutting triggers something that makes them suddenly want to talk to me.

When will they outgrow this?  When?


I hate the Scouts.

I said it.

I didn't like the (mis)organization a whole lot when the boys were Cubs, but I absolutely detest them now.


I haven't slept well this week.
I'm crankier than usual.
Deal with it.


I got a call from a listener.  She had heard an advertisement on our station about Client A having a conference at PizzaPlace.  Could I please tell her what day that was going to be?
Well, no.  I can't.  Because we don't keep scripts of every dang commercial we run here in the studio. 
How'z about if you know that it's Client A and you know that it's being held at PizzaPlace, you call either one of them?
Why would you freakin' call the radio station when you can call either of the people who WANT YOUR BUSINESS!

And while we're at it, some other rocket scientist called me to ask if the mall was open.

Do you call your mom to ask what time the post office opens?
"Hey, sis, sorry to bother you at work, but do you know what's the lunch special at Restaurant A, today?"

If you'll excuse me, I need to call the billboard company now to get a phone number they have printed on a health club's billboard they've got on the interstate.



Thumper said...

I think trying to talk through the bathroom door is a gender thing, and boys never outgrow it. At least not until their wives threaten to slather their gonads with Ben Gay if they do it one more time...

nnmlknw said...

It's the phone that triggers that response here. I have the phone next to my ear and all of a sudden the boys have a burning important issue that they must tell me right that second! It can never wait. Drives me crazy.

Perhaps this little ditty will help brighten your day. Mystery Knitters Brighten Trees:

nnmlknw said...

Formerly Beast. Hi, how you doing?

Lemon Stand said...

Ah Roses... That's what they make ear plugs and bathroom door locks for. Although I do get nabbed while on the phone a lot. That definitely goes in the file marked, "Why do my kids do this to me?"

The Merry said...

I used to take a swim class with a friend. I would wait until she was about to go under the water before asking a question, and her mouth would automatically open to answer me... just as she went under.
It was funny.

Yes, I have since become a kindlier, gentler Merry. But it was still funny.

Andy said...

Roses, I handle e-mail correspondence for my Father's business. He sells ceramic kilns in Shreveport, LA.

I probably get a half dozen e-mails a day from people like this... "I inherited a kiln from my grandmother. It looks just fine. Do you know someone that might want it? I live in Utica, NY. I don't know the name on it, or how big it is. But, how much is it worth?, etc."

So, I know of what you speak.


Cellar Door said...

I kind of feel sorry for doctors, sometimes. I have a friend who is a doctor, and every time he goes to a party, "I have this thing on my toe... my neck hurts when I do this... my left eyeball is bigger than my right..."

I'm sorry I called you this morning. I really am! I'll never do it again.