Friday, March 05, 2010

This week in Random

If you're cleaning out your closets and you come across piles of crap that your child does not use anymore, do not send it to your nieces and nephews just because they are the same age as your child was when he/she loved that crap. 
Same age + same genetics does not equal same interests.
Your sisters and brothers know you're cleaning out your crap, and we they will not appreciate being your dumping ground.
Just sayin'...


Quick sister update:
She has lost enough hair that she's just gone ahead and shaved the rest.  I have sent five crocheted hats, and she tells me she mostly wears them to bed because her hair stubble feels funny on the pillow otherwise.
She's like my own personal Chemo Barbie doll to dress up.

She says she's saved her hair in a Baggie for me so I can crochet it into a hat.
(She only thinks I wouldn't.)


I like Facebook a lot more than I wanted to, but blogging is SO much better for stories.


When you drop your books in the library's after-hours box, you should have your car keys in your pocket and not in the same hand that's holding the books.
Just sayin'...


Andy said...

Roses, I dropped my car keys in a public mail receptacle once. I feel your pain.

Thanks for the update on your Sis. I've been curious about her progress. Please keep us updated.

Richmond said...

I hear you about FB - though I find it's a great place to ahng out... ;)

Lemon Stand said...

I wish you would tell my sisters about the spring cleaning thing. Every time I do, they ignore me.

When my cousin lost all of her hair due to chemo, her brothers shaved their heads too. I wanted to but my parents went ape at the thought. I was a kid at the time so I didn't get a choice. Keeping your sister in my thoughts and prayers.

I had to finally stop going on Facebook. It was rending a big tear in my space-time continuum. A big black hole my time went into, never to be seen again. I miss it but definitely try to avoid it. Kind of like chocolate fudge cheesecake...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who's ever dropped their keys into the book spout) :oP

Roses said...

Lemon Stand: You know how you stare into your fridge looking for something appetizing, close the door, search the cupboards, then re-open the fridge thinking surely there must be something you missed the first time?
That's how I am with FB. I can't stop looking for that one something I might have missed.

I only joined to keep up with my sis.
But, I'm hooked.

Dani said...

First I'm glad your sis is doing okay. Keep the laughter going it's good medicine.

Second I have a cousin the same age as me unfortunately when we were kids most of the rest of the family knew her better and so assumed if she liked something so would I. I remember once being given a sweatshirt with a pink puffy kitten on it and holding it up over my Metallica shirt saying, "thanks?". So yeah kids not all the same.

Thumper said...

I luv FB :)

Oddly, I've never considered what had stubble would feel like on a pillow... Good thing your sis has you to keep her head covered!

vw bug said...

You certainly know how to make me smile... I boiled away 3 cups of water last night and damaged a pan...

The Gray Monk said...

It's good to hear that your sister has started treatment Roses, she is in my prayers.

Lemon Stand said...

Ya know, I keep coming back to your blog and pour over your posts every time I am stressed and need a laugh. I just saw your comment about the refrigerator and realized that it describes how I feel about facebook perfectly! I'm glad SOMEONE could describe the feeling. (although I still am trying to avoid IT and chocolate fudge cheesecake... not that I am always successful...)

Roses said...

Lemon Stand: I will help you stay away from the fudge cheesecake! Bring all of yours over here, and I will make sure you never get a bite of it. Because I care about you that much!