Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Mystery of Pie

The Husband and I ran into the station engineers last week at the lunch place next door.  We don't usually hang with them, but we asked if we could join them anyway... just to be polite.
And it was very interesting.
I'm not sure how it came about, but we eventually came around to the subject of the missing pies.

Several months ago, a client brought a collection of pies to the radio station as a thank you.  Our office manager was in charge of doling out servings of the pie throughout the week.  She'd cut up a pie, leave the slices on plates in the breakroom, and keep the remaining pies in the employee refrigerator.  This way, everyone got a share almost every day.

One morning, I arrived to near chaos.
Two whole pies were missing.
Two. Whole. Pies.

When you are dishing out slices at a time, and two entire pies disappear, it's really something.

After much questioning, the evening DJ admitted that he and another DJ had eaten the two pies during their shifts, and he had taken the leftover pieces to his wife and child.
Two. Whole. Pies.
That's a lot of pie to eat, even between two full grown men.

After more questioning, and the pointed fact that the second DJ (said to have helped in eating said pies) was on a very public diet, the evening DJ finally confessed to taking both pies home.

The office manager let it go.  She scolded him (and told anyone else who asked about the pie mystery) that if he'd have just asked, she'd have let him have a freakin' pie. 
Really?  Sure.
Because this DJ is an in-law of hers.

But, what I learned from having lunch with the station engineers is...
The day those pies went missing, the head engineer was commissioned to spend his day studying the security records of everyone's comings and goings the night in question.
Who had access to the pies?
When did they come?  Who did they bring?

Focus was on a certain weekend DJ who sometimes showed up in the middle of the week with questionable characters who he interviewed for his program.
"He wasn't even in the building," the head engineer told us.  "We even checked the (security) video."

The engineer chuckled.  "They paid me a full day's salary to track down a couple of pies.  Pies that were given to the station."

How does your company spend their time and money?


leeann said...

One day at WalMars, the store manager was all worked up about numbers (crappy merchandise wasn't moving, sales were lower than expected on Black Friday, etc) and he wanted to know how much the store was getting when it sold broken down cardboard boxes to the recycler. So rather than call the recycler to ask how much per whatever, he had us unload the box squasher and write a tracking number on each and every squashed box. Pulled seventeen of us off the floor. I have no idea how he planned to track stuff.
Two truckloads of merchandise didn't get unloaded to the floor for three days until the assistant manager came back from his days off and discovered the mess.

Shanna said...

I got a good chuckle out of that story since I am a *State employee*, I see stuff like that happen ALL the time. Especially when you look at the people in the *Ivory Tower* in Mad*son. Lots of waste there but then I am down in the trenches doing real work so no one asks me my opinion. ;) Love your blog by the way.

Priscilla said...

BH's son owned a very prosperous loan company in Irvine. Someone brought in a huge sheet cake for a birthday celebration. Someone stole the whole cake before it had been sliced. Camera's were checked and the offender was fired.

The offender makes more money than I'll ever hope to make. So it wasn't about money.

And it's just cake! Who steals a whole sheet cake? You couldn't eat the whole thing no matter how big your family.

Dani said...

I heart pie. Don't get me started about the bad moves my companyhad made ::shudder::