Monday, March 01, 2010

Getting the shaft

The elevator at work is out of order for the next few weeks. I remarked to a co-worker that the first floor and basement had waist-high, bright yellow caution gates in front of the elevator doors.

"Second and third floors have a sign taped on the wall. And it doesn't even cover the button," I said. "The farther you can fall, the less warning you get."

He nodded. "If we had a fourth floor, they'd probably have just a sticky note."


Finding that comment very funny, I repeated it to another co-worker who added, "If we had a fifth floor, they'd have a sign that reads Come On In! Free Rides!"


leeann said...

Every time I get in an elevator, I have the urge to jump up and down, so I have that urban legendy 50/50 chance of survival if it falls.
Sometimes I just jump up and down for the hell of it.

The Gray Monk said...

Leeann, thereby probably increasing the chances of a fall....