Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I blog, therefore, I am

I blog because you guys listen so much better to my stories than my children do.

Thank you.

Btw, coming up this Friday, I have for you a long story about a guy in lederhosen.  Yah!


Dani said...

LEDERHOSEN! Claps hands and bounses up and down in seat.

And I'm totaly not joking.

Thumper said...

I love lederhosen.

I coveted lederhosen when I was little.

I was really pissed that girls "weren't allowed" to wear them...

Priscilla said...


I just can't wait. I love me a man in lederhosen. And I wore my brother's pair for years. Wish I knew where they were now, they wouldn't fit but oh how I loved them.

bx19 said...

I blog because I can!
(Yuo won't be seeing me in lederhosen anytime soon:)