Thursday, February 25, 2010


The cat beats on Elder Son's bedroom door every morning at 5am.  Elder Son's door rattles, so we all hear it. 
We've piled various things in front of Son's bedroom door in order to:
1) hold the door still so it doesn't rattle, or
2) prevent the cat from reaching the door. 

We've used clothes, pillows, couch cushions...

This morning, Elder Son opened his door to find one of my wicker laundry baskets of yarn blocking his exit.  I happened to be down the hall to see the expression of confusion and amusement on his face.  He gave me a look that clearly said, "Really?"

I hollered at him, "And don't come out until you crochet something!"


Lemon Stand said...

I am sooooo going to use that idea! We have FOUR cats who do the same thing! (On the door of their person) :)

Anonymous said...

My cat does that to my sons door,
he takes a folded piece of cardboard
and jambs it between the door and
frame. It stops the rattle but not
the cat.
The one time he forgot to pick the
piece from the floor after he opened
the door, she picked it up and hide
it so he had to make an other .

Dani said...

Vladi does the same thing. We just gave up and started sleeping with the door open. So the moral of the story "The cat wins"

Miss Em said...

Mine would hook her claws under the door and yank.
Bang Rattle Bang

Solution--Cat Door in the Door. Comes and goes when she wants and the door is still closed.

Roses said...

Miss Em: That's a great idea, except Elder Son closes his door because he doesn't want the cat to jump on his bed in the middle of the night.

vw bug said...

Times like this I'm happy I'm allergic to cats. Wow. Use to want one...