Thursday, January 28, 2010

Teenage Definition: Hoodlock

hood-lock n. the condition of being trapped within one's own hoodie as the result of two classmates simultaneous tugging on both ends of your hoodie strings therefore pulling the hood shut around your face and preventing you from leaving the scene.  The most popular prevention measure includes removing one's own hoodie strings completely from the clothing.

Hence, Elder Son's disappointment in discovering that his hoodie strings are stitched into the hood of his favorite jacket.



The Gray Monk said...

Personally I can't stand attached hoods on jackets. So perhaps the cure for the "hoodlock" is don't have a hood!

las794 said...

LOL! Two words, Elder Son: seam ripper.

Priscilla said...

Better than a snuggy or a swirly.

I'm thinkin hoodlock is not so awful.

Yep, seam ripper ought to do it.

St Jude said...


Roses said...

G-Monk: I'm guessing your current windchill isn't 25 below zero.

las794: A good solution, but I think he actually likes it.

Priscilla: I'm familiar with a swirly, but you're gonna have to explain a snuggy to me.

Priscilla said...

The snuggie, my boys called it that and I'm sure there are other names for it. I was surprised to find it in the Urban Dictionery.

Urban Dictionery #5