Monday, January 11, 2010

someone else's blog

My friend K doesn't have a blog, but she should because she occasionally sends me e-mails like this one:

Daughter: “What is that black stuff on the bagel?”
Mommy: “Those are poppy seeds.”
Daughter: “I thought puppies came from dogs!”

(I e-mailed her back, "Were you eating bagels or beagles?")


Richmond said...

HAhahahahahaha!! That's awesome!

Harvey said...

That's better than my first 100 posts put together.

I recommend making her read this:

Then just nag her until she gives in and starts blogging.

That's how I got all MY blogkids...

Lemon Stand said...

OMG, That was too funny. See what happens when you have teenagers and they take up all your time? You end up missing little pearls of wisdom like this until DAYS after you really needed that good laugh! Pffft. Don't ever have kids... oh. I see I gave you that little bit of wisdom too late. (That's actually what my MIL told me once.) :)

Just thought I'd pass it on...