Tuesday, January 05, 2010

How self-centered is she?

(Warning:  Like an alcoholic who'd been dry for years and mistakenly takes one sip, it seems I'm on a full mother-in-law bender this week...)

She's so self-centered that everytime Elder Son tried to read to her a story he had written, she interrupted with an accounting from her own life regarding a story she had written or a story a student of hers (who, by the way, she single-handedly rescued from the edge of the gapping chasm of educational despair) had written.  To these, Elder Son listened patiently then responded with an "Anyway..." and attempted to continue with his own story.

This, in turn, caused her to sigh deeply because nobody listens to her.


Nikia, May and da kids said...

Mother in law's, don't get me started = P


leeann said...

Reading your MIL stories makes me marvel at how lucky I got with my present MIL.... some in the past? Not so much. Like the one who threatened me with a skillet, or the one who literally ESCAPED from the looney bin and subsequently tried to run over me with her car, or the one who stole all my furniture and my dog with my on-his-way-to-becoming-an-ex's help....
Maybe your MIL is related to them. Sounds very likely.

Dani said...

Some inlaws should be outlawed.