Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Why There Are No Secrets In My House

He was in the middle of a long story, so I invited Younger Son into my room while I wrapped presents for The Husband.
"Oh wow!  You got a (insert brand name here)!?" he shouted.
Hushed, "What?  Is that Father's gift?"
"Well, yeah.  Doncha see the wrapping paper?"


With the boys off school for the holidays, The Husband and I have been enjoying quiet breakfasts together while they sleep in.
Through a bite of toast, The Husband says, "So, we'll be playing (insert name of board game that's already wrapped and sitting under the tree) on Christmas Day?"
"What?  Their bedroom doors are shut."


I keep a blog.
So what?


Klaatu said...

The blog is the perfect opportunity to throw them off the trail. Misinformation as it is known.
Write how you and a friend were out shopping and you bought assless chaps for your hubby.
Or tell everyone you got the Hello Kitty i-pod for your teenage son.
At that point, no matter what you actually did get them for Christmas, they would be so relieved they didn't get the blog gifts, they would be eternally grateful.

Roses said...

Hm... I actually would do the Hello Kitty i-pod thing to the boys.

Lemon Stand said...

As usual Klaatu is stirring up trouble... (but I AM keeping notes because he always has such good ideas!)