Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Shower Power

One advantage of having one small water heater and two teen boys:
When you ask, "Who needs a shower?", instead of moaning and groaning and stalling, they fight for the priviledge of going first.  Because whoever goes second gets cold water.


Also precious, the day Younger Son came dripping wet out of the shower to proclaim that he'd broken it.
"You broke the shower?"
"Yeah.  I can't make the hot water work anymore."
"Uh huh.  That'll happen when you let the water run for half an hour, son."


Klaatu said...

You didn't let him believe he actually broke the shower for at least one day? Wouldn't it have been fun to see him out in the backyard with a garden hose and tub, taking his next shower?
That would teach him not to use so much water.

Andy said...

Heh! Roses, as the father of four sons, I wish I had known about this trick 15 or 20 years ago. Girl...I can identify. A teenage boy can sure drain a 40 gallon tank.

If I had known this, I would have purposely set the temp on the water heater to the "vacation" setting a time or two...

Lemon Stand said...

We have a tankless system. Hot water on demand. And believe me with one male and SIX females in the family... It's the only way Armageddon has been averted!

(Still have the emergency off switch for those that take a tad bit too long in the shower and MAN it does NOT take too long to kick in. You can tell by the high pitched squeals emanating from the bathroom!)

Richmond said...

That's Awesome! :)