Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Choices (plus snow update)

We all know you need "enough" sleep and "enough" exercise to stay healthy.
But, what if the only time your schedule allows you to exercise is either very early in the morning or very late at night?
If you sacrifice sleeping time in order to go for a walk, aren't you cancelling out whatever benefits you might have earned?

That's why I skipped my walk this morning and slept in.

Fourteen (14!!) inches of snow overnight.
I got my workout after all!  Shoveling snow.
And yes, The Husband *did* have the snow blower out, but the snow is so deep and so heavy, the blower couldn't do it all.
Currently waiting snow plow to push a pile of yuck into our driveway...


The Garden of Egan said...

Very true! If I were to exercise before I went to work (0600) I would have to get up at 0400! Yuk!

Nope, I agree, you made the wisest choice by sleeping!!!!

Ran into your blog by accident (sorry hope I didn't dent it)
totally enjoyed it!

Nikia, May and da kids said...

That's how I got my work out this morning shoveling snow. I will post pictures later tonight. It's futile to shovel snow when the wind is blowing it back at 25 mph and creating 15 ft snow drifts = )

We, as in me directing and pointing and my older boys shoveling, had to get exercise and send my bread winner and loving hubby captain Grumbles off to work. You know the military doesn't say snow day if there's a blizzard either.
I'll be looking out for the pattern, thanks.


Dani said...

I'll take sleep over excercise any day.

Also okay fine I'll stop complaining about the few inches we got in weird areas here in CA.

Lemon Stand said...

Like May said, the military doesn't get a snow day. My husband left about quarter of five this morning and he won't be getting home till about 7pm. We got about the same amount as you, Roses. Wet and heavy.

Roses said...

No snow day for military, hospitals, and radio.
Although, it's been better since FCC will let us run automation without a human in the building. (What's the point of automation if we have a person sitting here? Sheesh!)

Cellar Door said...

14 inches for you, too, eh? Hm... I'm sensing a near proximity.

Our plow on our riding lawn mower didn't work- the snow was too deep and heavy. It was all by hand here, too! Good two hour work-out!

Harvey said...

I had a snowblower. Still took me 75 minutes to do the driveway (thanks to the two feet of soggy plow poop at the end). It's usually a 30 minute job.

Richmond said...

We got a TON - didn't we?? Holy cow. Good news was that I got to work from home that day. :)