Monday, November 30, 2009

The tradition continues...

Thankgiving is usually the time The Husband's family gets together, and they use the mass gathering to exchange Christmas gifts. We're not supposed to open the presents there; but we take them home to put under the tree.

Historically, the gifts have been... interesting.
And I have learned to take an early peek into the packages to weed out any inappropriate items.

There was no gathering this year.  Most of the siblings were invited to their grown children's homes.  So, we (and when I say "we", I mean The Husband) made our own dinner, and The Husband's youngest sister drove two hours to join us.

She brought The Husband's gift from the mother-in-law.  It wasn't wrapped.


It's a double DVD special titled "Wild Women of Wrestling".

The Husband tried to hand it back.  "You should give this to my brother."
"Oh," the sister replied.  "He got one, too."


leeann said...

I remember the year I had to watch my grandmother contemplate sending everyone a "personal massager" from one of those catalogs she got mistakenly delivered.
"They're just so colorful!" she exclaimed.
Nothing says Happy Holidays like a huge neon-pink dildo, does it?

Dani said...

There is nothing like a realy bad gift to irritate you and ammuse others & OMG Leeann that is the funniest thing I've ever heard.

Lemon Stand said...

::giggle and snort:: Roses, your husband could always save the DVD and then wrap it up and give it to her next year. My mother always taught me to waste not, want not.

And Leeann, next time give a drink alert. My hot cocoa just went up my nose!

Klaatu said...

Give your relatives odd gifts. Young boy? Placemats and a can of motor oil. Young Girl? A twenty pound barbell and some parmesan cheese. Grandma? Snowboard.
Grandpa? Hello Kitty purse.
The best part is watching the confusion as they wonder what the hell? and should they be polite and thank you?

Priscilla said...


I thought my parents were clueless gift givers. I got nuthin to beat any of those.

We do however have a wonderful BBQ utensil set that no one ever uses. We just keep giving it to family members at every holiday. We wrap it up pretty and beam proudly when they open it.

Richmond said...

HAhahahaha!! Awesome! :)