Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Old friends

I had some emotional issues last year.

In an effort to eliminate a great deal of negativity from my life, I dumped a lot of the blogs I used to follow.  With the presidential election looming, many of them set aside their usual posts and spent a great deal of time on their political opinions.  Which they can do.  Fine.  It's a free country.

I thought the primaries were bad, but then came the declared candidates.
There was a lot of anger and finger pointing on both sides of the aisle.  Name-calling, flat out lying.
I couldn't find a blog without an opinion (and an angry one) about one candidate or another.
And the media.  (Yes.  I did take many of those posts personally.)
So, I figured I'd stop reading the angriest blogs until November.  Wait for some time to pass.  Let folks cool off, get their heads back on.  Get back to blogging about the things I started reading them for in the first place (like their kids, their crappy job, or how they dropped their earbuds in the toilet and after rinsing them off walked around for the rest of the day thinking "I'm a poopy-head").

Here we are a full year later.  Every once in a while I peek at some of those old blogs just to see how they're doing.
Most of them are still crazy-drunk-screaming-on-the-street-corner angry.

So, I think I did the right thing for me in letting them go.


Arwen said...

I love that you titled this post "Old Friends"!

Thumper said...

That's one of the things I like about Google Reader. I don't have to dump the blogs that are (hopefully temporarily) annoying me...I just scroll right past them.

St Jude said...

I hate leaving blogs behind, and I always try to give some time for things to settle back into old form, but just occasionally I've had to let one go. It always makes me feel bad though.

Klaatu said...

Have you noticed that a lot of people seem to want what is best for their political party, rather than what is best for their Country?
Also don't feel bad about dropping blogs. I have dropped old friends because I have outgrown them,or I or them have changed in different directions. so the same is applicable to the thought of strangers as well as that of friends.

vw bug said...

oops... guess today wasn't a good day for me to make a political statement! Just come check out the humor on wednesdays. And leave it the rest of the time. 80% of the time it is about me and the boys... but just enough of the time, I voice my opinion. Seems I got ya!

Priscilla said...

Sometimes you just gotta thin the herd. Who needs angry? I'm with you. I get enough drama in my real life.

Lemon Stand said...

I'm not big on most politics but I did notice that I myself had trouble finding positive things to say on my blog before I had to delete it. That was actually quite a while ago, but now I am tired of my kids saying, "Heh, at least you can't use that (whatever event 'that' was) as blog fodder. I'm waiting to see how long it takes them to check up on what 'I'M' doing for a change... :o)

Come on over Roses. I even figured out your address change AND figured how to change it on my blog again.

Roses said...

Thumper: Yeah. I stopped using BlogRoll, and I skim posts now with the Blogger Dashboard, but it is still amazing how much p!ss and vinegar can be relayed in a post title and/or 25 words or less.

vwbug: Let's say I have a plate of chocolate chip cookies, and I tell you that 80% of the cookies have real milk chocolate chips and the rest have either dirt chips or dog poop chips (whatever struck my fancy at the time of baking).
Knowing the odds, how likely are you to take even one of those cookies (especially if I tell you I made fresh ExLax chip cookies just today)?