Monday, November 09, 2009

The New Cat Toy

Recently, we acquired a parakeet.
The cat rubbed on us and thanked us for the new toy.

Within 12 hours, the cat managed to yank out the bird's tail feathers.
Welcome to your new home, little bird.

So, we hung the bird cage high in a corner of the livingroom.
Now the cat rubs on us and thanks us for the pinata.



Thumper said...

We tried having parakeets years ago...put the cage way up high so the cat couldn't get to them--and she couldn't--but those birds were so terrified all the time we wound up giving them away after a couple of weeks. I missed them, but it was a good thing, since the cat seemed to be working extra hard on her conditioning for the long jump...

Klaatu said...

Get a motion sensor with a recorded dog bark for when you are not home and place it at the bottom of the bird cage.
Whenever kitty gets too close- "Woof! Woof!."
That'll mess with his head.

Mell said...

Sorry...can't help it...that just makes me think of the funniest cartoon by Brooke McEldowney (the cat rub, not the parakeet). Couldn't figure how to cut-n-paste, you can see it here:
If you have a cat, this will definitely make you smile.

Roses said...

Thumper: Our cat has already given up. He is now stalking our harvest gourds.

Klaatu: Good to know someone else thinks like I do. :-)

Mell: That *is* a good one! Thank you for stopping by!

Miss Em said...

Hi Rose,

It took several months but the spray bottle filled with Apple Cider Vinegar {straight} and a good aim taught the cat to leave the cockatiel alone. Even now when its out of the cage.

The funny part was to watch the cat try to clean the Cider Vinegar off of her coat. You would not believe the faces she makes unless you saw them.

I even use it today to prevent her from scratching on things especially furniture. Sprits some on the furniture in a fine mist then set the sprayer for a nice long stream. May have to repeat but after a few times...

Been using this for years. This cat is 13.

Miss Em
Austell, Ga.