Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Have you seen 2012, and are you in it?

***Humor Spoiler Alert***
(if you haven't already seen the movie "2012", I'm about to spoil a joke)

Over the weekend, we went to see the movie "2012".
In it, they made three references to Wisconsin... each of which got a big laugh here.
In fact, I thought the audience laughed a bit more than the joke deserved, but that's us MidWesterners, I guess.

Considering the huge response the joke got here, The Husband wondered if Wisconsin is mentioned in every version of the movie or just the ones shown in the Midwest.
Like, does the Northwest have a different version where the retired couple says they wanna move back to Boise?
Does the East Coast version have the poles shifting to Poughkeepsie?
Do we all have relatives in Alabama in the Southern releases?

It would be easy enough to do.  One simple graphic change and a couple actors looping new audio (since none of the key lines were delivered by actors on-screen, therefore no lip sync issues) and you're there.

Have you seen the movie, and is Wisconsin in your version?


Dani said...

I have not but we do have family in Alabama. I will ask & report back (if there's anything to report).

I was personally offended when I saw the preview because the date they picked will be my daughters 5th birthday. I got all indignant. It's a mom thing.

Thumper said...

Sooner or later we're going to go see it. I shall try to remember to report back.

Andy said...

2012? I don't think I'll be able to see it, since the world is gonna end by then.

I do have relatives in Alabama, but I guess they'll be toast, too.

As far as Wisconsin jokes go. Well, I'm just not astute enough to know any. I mean, I've seen them with those foam cheese blocks on their heads, and loving/pining for/then hating Brett Favre...but nothing you could REALLY call "guffaw out loud" funny.

Susan S said...

The Wisconsin references are due to 2012's Executive Producer Michael Wimer (also a pal & business partner of 2012 writer/director Roland Emmerich in owning Centropolis Entertainment). Wimer is from Neenah, Wisconsin (which is between Oshkosh and Appleton).

Roses said...

Susan S: That's awesome! The Husband and I used to work in Neenah.

For those unfamiliar with the area, enjoy this ditty from Cheeseheads With Attitude:

Susan S said...

Roses -- I laughed all the way through the Cheeseheads with Attitude! I did a bit more research on the Wisconsin connections for 2012 and it turns out we can be pretty proud of our Wisconsin boy. Centropolis just picked up an award in October for making 2012 a fully "green" production--the first carbon neutral film out of a major film studio. I wrote an article for my column here in Madison on movies with the details, if you are interested.

Turns out that the star of 2012, John Cusack, has a Wisconsin connection too -- his sister Joan is a UW-Madison grad! Maybe it is true that everyone is kin to someone from Wisconsin. :-)

Susan Z. Swan

Bob said...

I haven't seen "2012", but I think it's safe to say Wisconsin jokes work everywhere ... eh?

Harvey said...

Bob - "eh?" is Canadian.

Here in Wisconsin, it's "doncha know"