Wednesday, November 04, 2009

But what size the stomach?

On a recent day off from school, The Husband and I took the boys bowling.  Younger Son's friend, Moose, came along.

Moose, my friends, at age 12 is taller than Elder Son who is a high school freshman.
Still, we all (I am including the lady clerk here) were surprised when he stepped up to the shoe counter at the bowling alley and ordered a pair of size 15 shoes.

One. Five.

The floor rumbled when he said it because, my friends, at age 12, the boy's voice rivals The Husband's decades-trained radio voice.
The boy is huge.

After the first game, I wandered over to the bowling alley's bar area to get a pizza.  The shoe counter lady was there to take my order.
"We need a big pizza," I told her.
"How big?  We have 14 inch and 16 inch."
"Right," she nodded, "because you have those size 15 shoes to feed."
"Uh huh," I agreed.  "And the rest of us will have..."


jon spencer said...

Wonder if he will be like a puppy and grow into those feet.

Priscilla said...

Imagine puberty in THAT house!

Andy said...

Roses, I am 5'8"...with a rousing size 9 shoe. My eldest son is 5'9"...wears a 12. Second son is 5'11"...wears a 14. Third son is 5'8"...wears a 13. Fourth son is only 13 years old...wears a 10.

Their Momma has tiny little feet. I just don't know. Must have been something in the water!!!

Dani said...

Woah I wonder if I'm related to that kid. I have some "giant cousins" & one of em does live in Wisconsin but he's (umm math) something close to thirty so it's probably not him.

Richmond said...

Holy Cow!! A 15?? Wow... He *is* a big kid though...