Tuesday, November 24, 2009

B.O. = Bird Odor

Me:  The cat has been very affectionate to me lately.  He, like, burrows right into my armpit at night.
He:  It could be because it's gotten colder out.
Me:  That, or it could be because I've been using your parakeet as deodorant.


Dani said...

Is the avian theme in honor of Turkey day?

P.S. I heart cuddily kitties

Priscilla said...

I'm thinking that bird is awful lucky to still be around. I take it the cat hasn't lost interest.

Klaatu said...

Introduce the parakeet to the Thanksgiving turkey, and tell it this was your previous pet bird that misbehaved.

It'll be singin' show tunes and baby sitting the cat in order to please you.

Roses said...

Dani: Heh. That's a funny coincidence.

Priscilla: The bird is very safe where she is now, but the cat is very attentive whenever The Husband refills her food and feed.

Klaatu: I believe the punchline to that story is, "Oh, Paco!" (Or aren't you familiar with that obscure reference?)

Lemon Stand said...

Huh. I don't think I'll try that at our house. We have 4 cats and a snake. (Personally I am terrified of snakes but I really love my daughter...)