Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Behold, the power of RADIO!

It was one of those rare occasions that The Husband and I were on the air together yesterday afternoon.  We joked that we haven't gotten a Thanksgiving Day invitation from either of our families this year.
"They change who hosts every year."
"And they keep moving the location farther away."
"Are they trying to tell us something?"

Two commercials later, a woman I do not know called the studio to invite us to dinner.



Thumper said...

Freak her out and show up ;)

Dani said...

Aww that's sweet or stalkerish.

Lemon Stand said...

What can you say? When you are loved... you are LOVED! :o) You could come to our house for Thanksgiving.... We won't be there, unfortunately, because we are going to my brother-in-laws... But you are more than welcome to use our kitchen. :oP

Andy said...

HA! I came back to comment on the haiku.

But, it's not here, so I will invite you, and your family to go with us to my wife's Aunt Shirley's house for Thanksgiving.

I hope you like football, and boring conversation. And doilies. And that you don't have any mud on your shoes.

Roses said...

Andy: I took down the haiku because it wasn't as funny as I'd first thought it was.