Monday, October 05, 2009

Short cuts

We came across some older photos over the weekend.
The Husband just ~loved~ the one of me with long, flowing hair.
"Look at you!" he raved.  "It's hanging half way to your butt!"

Ironically, that photo reminded me that I wanted to get a haircut.

So, after everyone left for school and work, I cut it myself.
Just a couple inches.
Just so much as I could gather as a ponytail and pull to one side, clip, and then pull to the other side, clip.

A co-worker noticed right away.
A male co-worker.
So that proves it was a noticable difference, right?

When The Husband saw me, he did a head tilt, grinned and told me my hair looked really good.
"You must be having a good hair day, huh?" he asked.
"I guess so."

Later, he mentioned my hair again.
"I really like it today."
"What about it do you like?"  Yes, I was baiting him, thank you very much.
"I dunno.  It's fluffy."
"Ah ha!" I pounced.  "I cut it!  So you *do* like my hair short! Ha!"
"I never said I didn't.  It still touches your shoulder, so it's fine."

Truly, I thought victory would taste much sweeter.

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Bob said...

That's an amazing coincidence. Just yesterday Joyce got after me for my cutting my own hair. She whined, "I'd have gotten around to it." (Of course, cutting my hair can be done by any sheep shearer.)