Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The perfect storm

1)  The Husband had a class reunion over the weekend.  He's two days short of sleep.

2)  Today, he's already left the house for one of those awful morning shifts.  So, I am on breakfast duty instead of sleeping in duty.

3)  Younger Son is sick.  He and I were up until 1am.

4)  My boss, who is the only person available to fill in for me when I am sick, is gone on an important (read: making money for the company) meeting this morning.  I *have* to go to work.

My friends, there is not enough caffeine in the world.

(Elder Son will wonder about all the zombies wandering around his house.)


Dani said...

I'm sorry! Want to come on vacation with me?

Harvey said...

*leaves quad espresso*