Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Money *can* buy happiness

When stressed, some people shop.
When stressed, some people eat.

Apparently, *I* need a new pair of jeans, a denim-colored necklace, a new travel Thermos for work, and a Happy Meal.

(I was assured at the drive-up window, "You're never too old for a Happy Meal!")


Arwen said...

I would like a new pair of jeans!!

Priscilla said...

Happy Meals do have pharmaceutical properties to temporarily alleviate Human Stress Syndrome.

So does chocolate, and ice cream, and chocolate ice cream.

Or a new purse.

Don't you need some more yarn?

Roses said...

Priscilla: "Don't you need some more yarn?"

Bah-ha-ha! You know me too well!
Actually, my three laundry baskets full are almost too much.

Dani said...

I concur 100% The happy meal defies age paramaters.