Thursday, October 22, 2009

Life on the big screen

We'd been talking about buying a big screen TV for years.  We'd agreed years ago that when the price of them came down to under $1000, we'd get one.  Well, that time had come some time ago, but we are still watching a 13 inch TV.

Last night, The Husband was clicking through the TV channels looking for something to watch.
"Yep," he sighed, "we need a bigger TV."
I patted his knee.  "Honey, a bigger TV does not mean better TV shows or more channels to watch."


Thumper said...

True, but with a bigger TV, you enjoy the searching for crap to watch a whole lot more... ;)

bx19 said...

Who says size matters?

Roses said...

bx19: It matters if your lover is near-sighted. (The squinting can be humbling.)