Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Early Morning Wake-up. Opinion, please?

Your kid's school gets cancelled because there's a gas leak.
The school district has a nifty mass-phone system that sends out an automated call to all the parents so they know there's no school.
Today, this call goes out at 6:30am.

Here's the question:
If you have to leave for work in one hour, how long should you wait before you call all the moms you know to see who can take your kids for the day?

a)  Immediately.  After all, everyone got the call.  Everyone's awake.
b)  Wait until at least 7am.  Most everyone will be awake by 7am, right?
c)  You don't call anyone who isn't family before 8am.  Ever.  (9am on weekends)

Think of your answer first, then read on...


In all fairness, there was no way this woman could know how late The Husband had been up the night before.  and there was no way she could have known that this would be the first morning in ages that we'd planned to sleep a little later than usual.
I was barely awake as I listened to the school's robo-call which had jolted me out of bed.  And after several bleary-eyed minutes wrestling with the cell phone trying to figure out why it was repeating the message instead of deleting it, I was not a happy camper.
Throw on top of that the child who called a split second later and then passed the phone to his mother who, after too many moments of wondering why I kept answering every question with "What?", finally asked, "Oh, were you sleeping?"
I hope I wasn't rude, but she never did bring her kid over even though I said it was alright.


Dani said...

Well I'd go with B but I can't imagine asking anyone besides family for emergency child care.

Beast said...

I think the part that gets me is she still didn't bring the kid over. I could forgive an early morning call if I had the same call but then NOT following through would bother me.

In other words, B.

Cellar Door said...

I think it depends on your job. If you are a triage nurse, or a city bus driver, you can call right away. If you're a radio host, you should never call.


Seriously, it was just a bad situation! I don't know.