Friday, September 18, 2009


It's the only song we've ever danced to.  It played often on the radio station where we met.
You understand, then, "Unforgettable" is special to The Husband and me.

Younger Son is gifted in many ways, one of them being music.  So, we bought an old upright piano for him to bang around on.  At odd times of day, we'll hear him poking at it, recognizing songs he's been learning in lessons, sometimes trying to figure out how to play pop songs.

But one evening, as I was washing dishes, I heard "Unforgettable" being haltingly played.  I immediately felt the need to hug The Husband.

I found him at the keyboard.
"I thought I should learn how to play it," he explained.
"Then everytime I hear you practice, I shall give you a kiss."

Last night, he was at the piano, again. 
"I heard you calling, Darling."
So, I gave him his kiss.


Happy Birthday, darling.


Mrs. Who said...

Happy Birthday to such a wonderful man.

People born this day are extra-special people. *ahem*

Trini said...


C-Man said...

that is awesome! i love to hear stories like that!

Roses said...

C-Man: It's the piano that got you, isn't it? ;-)

Anonymous said...

how sweet! Happy Birthday to your dear hubby!