Sunday, September 20, 2009

Random Sunday Musings

Elder Son lifts his t-shirt to show me the large scratch he received during soccer practice.
Says the Husband, “Hey, look at those stomach muscles he’s got!”
Says I, “Wow. You’ve got quite a four pack there.”
Protests Elder Son, “What? There’s two more!”


I am driving Younger Son to meet his marching band’s bus. They’ll be gone for five hours to a parade and carnival, and I will miss him.
But he asks me, “You’re not really going to stay until the bus leaves, are you?”
“Don’t you want me to?”
“Do you want me to wait until you get on the bus?”
“Not really.”
“Can I at least hug you and kiss you in front of all the other kids?”
“Only if all the other moms are.”


I return home from dropping off Younger Son to find The Husband and Elder Son participating in a jovial battle of wits.
For example:
Me: Why are there lip prints on the window?
Husband: Because the neighbor’s 14-year-old daughter walked by.
Elder Son: WHAT?! Shut up!

There are several exchanges when I finally interrupt.
“I see from the nature of today’s mood that we need to set some ground rules.”
“You..." I turn to the Husband, “are not allowed to harass Elder Son with ‘your momma’ jokes.”

Carry on...

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Richmond said...

Hahahahaha! Awesome!