Monday, September 28, 2009

From the "I never thought THAT would happen" files...

Apparently, when I have the morning off and the house to myself, what I really want to do is take an extra-long walk and work out twice as long on the WiiFit.


And it's only 9am.
This feels really weird.


Green-Eyed Momster said...

Sounds like you worked out for me too! Thanks!


Dani said...

Good for you. I probably would have read a book and felt guilty for not doing someting productive.

Arwen said...

I bought a Wii today! I can't wait to get the Fit package. Do you recommend anything other than that?

Roses said...

Arwen! I'm so excited for you! Did you get the new reduced price?

If you don't want to take a hit on the Wii Fit price right away, try the Gold's Gym Cardio Workout. (Sometimes it's on sale for $20 or less.) It's boxing exersize set to music. (It's also compatible with a Wii Fit balance board, but those exersizes kinda suck, so you're not missing anything.)

But I love the Wii Fit because it tracks my BMI and workout time.
And it encourages me when I do good. :)

Roses said...

P.S. Arwen, unlike your blog, the Wii Fit *will* scold you if you don't visit it every day. :)