Monday, August 10, 2009

Psychic connection?

The dream:
I was visiting a house The Husband and I used to own several years and several jobs ago. With me was the TV reporter guy who works out of our building. He had a black bag of gear; I guess he was going to do a story or shoot some video or something.
But the moment we walked through the front door, he froze. He refused to go any farther, and refused to even stay because he said the house was haunted.
(From there, the dream just got weird.)

The next day, I mentioned this dream to The Husband who insisted I share it with the TV guy.
TV guy's response:
"That's funny. Because my mom's house is haunted."

Good story:
When they moved into said house, TV guy started seeing shadows out of the corner of his eye whenever he watched television. But he'd turn his head, and there'd be nothing there. No biggie. Just one of those things.
One evening over supper, he joked about "the shadow man", and his mother dropped her fork.
"You mean, you see him, too?"

I had no idea I could pick up on other people's ghost stories in my dreams.


Bob said...

I'd say glaucoma runs in TV Guy's family.

Arwen said...

Oh, I LOVE ghost stories.

Dani said...

Woah! Clearly you picked up on a vibe from the TV guy.

Ummm I hope their out of the corner of the eye shadow guy is harmless like my out of the corner of the eye gnome guy.