Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Late Night Logic

The Husband was in full snoring mode last night.
(Fortunately, snoring doesn't bother me. Growing up hearing my father snore meant that he was home from the late shift, and we all were safe. So, snoring is actually a calming sound in my twisted psyche.)

But, The Husband occasionally does that thing where he'll exhale and stop breathing. And his next breath is sudden and LOUD. It can't be healthy, and it messes with his voice the next day.

This happened several times last night as I was falling asleep.
Falling asleep between his breaths. Being jolted awake with the inhale.

"Honey," I gently prodded him. "Maybe you want to turn on your side so you can sleep better."
He grunted a "thanks", then rolled over and fell back asleep.

That's right, folks.
I woke him up, so he could sleep better.

::takes a bow::


Arwen said...

Isn't snoring like that a sign of sleep apnea?

I had a prof in college once that had sleep apnea. He missed TONs of classes. The best part was that it was for a class called The Long, Strange Trip that was all about the Grateful Dead. Guess what we did when he didn't show? Still sat in class and listened to the Dead - among other recreational activities. What fun times.

Anonymous said...

Please for the sake of your husband's health (if you already haven't done so), get his sleep apnea evaluated.

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I told my husband to stop snoring one night and he said "I'm not even asleep yet!" I said "Well now you're snoring when you're awake too!"

Thanks for stopping by and for your support! Nice to meet you!


Thumper said...

I'm echoing the advice to get him evaluated. Sleep apnea can lead to all kinds of problems...heart attack being one of them. A CPAP machine can be a wonderful thing, as the Spouse Thingy can attest...