Thursday, July 30, 2009

I missed another memo?!?

Attention, fans of the "Shopaholic" book series...

Sophie Kinsella is Madeleine Wickham!!
Or, if you prefer, Madeleine Wickham is Sophie Kinsella!

How come nobody told me this?!

I've been sitting here waiting forever for Sophie Kinsella's next book to come out, and all this time I could have been reading all the Madeleine Wickham's sitting on the library shelf untouched!?



Okay. I don't feel so left out anymore.
I stopped at the library after work to pick up Sophie's new book and one of Madeleine's "old" books. As I checked out, I held the two books up next to each other.

"You guys probably already know this because you are so wise and wonderful," I said to the two librarians there, "but, this author is the same as this author."
"I did not know that." "Neither did I."
"Well," I shrugged modestly, "if anyone is a fan of the Shopaholic books and wants to read more by that author..."
"Yes!" a voice suddenly cried next to me.
I looked over at the woman who had checked out ahead of me.
"Yes!" she repeated. "My daughter loves those books! She's been looking for more! Who is it?"
After the two of us squealed like schoolgirls, she wrote down both author names, and the two of us walked away feeling so much smarter than we had felt five minutes earlier.


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Richmond said...

Yay! A new author for me to look into - thanks!