Monday, July 20, 2009

Catch me if you can

Younger Son is much happier now. You might say, he experienced his own renaissance.

When the renaissance fair came to town, I asked if he'd like to go.
"Can we call it my birthday celebration?" he asked.
"Dude. You got a pile of presents and a cake last weekend. What else do you want?"

What else, indeed.

With all the events and attractions at the fair, Younger Son felt pulled to the juggling tent time and again.

While watching adults and children alike trying out all the colorful juggling toys, the juggling matron scolded a child for playing with her juggling pins. "You are not allowed to toss those unless you can juggle three balls proficiently!"

Younger Son and I looked at each other.

He had been wanting juggling pins about a week after he taught himself to juggle. The husband and I had looked around, but could not find a set anywhere. (We don't shop on-line. Just can't pull that trigger.)

Normally a shy child, Younger Son boldly walked straight up to the juggling matron and told her he could juggle three balls. "Could I try the pins?"

She pointed at a basket of balls and demanded he prove it.

As easy as riding a bike, he tossed the balls in the air, round and round, under one leg, behind his back...

"Okay," she nodded. "That's pretty good proof."

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