Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Apology to the cat who broke the camel's back

Dear Kitty;

I am sorry about last night. It was not your fault.

I was tired before I got trapped at the Scout Meeting from Hell. I'd been home from work only long enough to change from dress pants to shorts; not enough time to use the bathroom at home, I had to use the disgusting bathrooms at the park. And the meeting went so long the mosquitoes feasted on everyone there.
And still, they would not let us leave.

On top of that, every friggin' member of the family "needed" something before they'd let me go to bed. But, before they'd let me help with their "need", they "needed" to do something else first like brush their teeth or pick their butt or something.

You can understand how tired and frustrating my evening was, can't you?

So, by the time I was able to tend to your food and water, I was over the edge. And that little nip you gave me on the back of my leg was just too much.

Again, I am sorry. You did not deserve to have your whole bowl of water dumped on your head.

Everyone else deserved it.

Sincerely yours,


Dani said...

Aww poor kitty. I'm sure he or she forgives you though. Cat's are awesome that way, they understand the need to be crabby much better than dogs because they do it sometimes too.

Thumper said...

Dear Roses' Kitty:

My cat Max has advice for you. POOP ON HER PILLOW. Really, He says it's awesome revenge and fun to boot. Plus, go lick her toothbrush. She'll never know but you will, and in your head you'll be laughing your ass off every time you brush.

Max is wise, indeed.

leeann said...

I think, luckily, that cats are like dogs... they have a memory of about five minutes.

The Gray Monk said...

My cat distinguished herself this evening by stealing my turkey sandwich while I answered the phone. I wouldn't mind really, except that she left the bread and then only ate half the turkey!

Miss Em said...

leeann: ... Hate to burst your bubble but cats do have memories and they DO hold grudges.
"Hey You"[12 year old Burmese-in picture] has left the evidence on my person as well as on the vet.
She hates to travel and makes everyones life miserable at the Vet's office once she get there. They know her as the "Bitch from Hell" AND believe me she makes that office visit HELL.
Oh and once she gets home...Watch out because she will SNEAK attack you for several days. Mean sneak attacks...blood drawing sneak attacks.

Oh, she just started to leave me her 'Hair-ball' deposits in the middle of my bed. What JOY when I come home in the evening. NOT.

Roses said...

Dang, Miss Em!
What did you *do* to your kitty to deserve the hairball treatment?
(You know those were strategically placed.)