Thursday, June 04, 2009

Two Word Book Review - True Mom Confessions

Here are your two words:

"Quick read"

I was convinced that I didn't like this book. I had expected something funnier. Like the mom who didn't teach her kids how to tell time just so she could tell them it's bedtime whenever she wants to. Wish I'd have thought of that.
But, most of it was too true to be funny. Like the woman who confessed that she had been SuperMom the day before, treating everyone in the family to the very best of her... so today, she's doing nothing for nobody. She's exhausted.

So, thinking I didn't like the book, I picked it up later to read just a little more... and was completely amazed to find my bookmark 4/5ths of the way through it!
I certainly had read plenty of it. Perhaps I'd liked it after all.

This book was intended to be read slowly. In pieces. Savored like expensive chocolates.
But who, really, can do that?
Apparently, I need cheaper chocolates because I can't appreciate the really good stuff.

There's a section titled "Making It Work" that could be inspirational.
If you read the book like I did, wolfing down several chapters in one sitting, you'll miss this really good stuff.

This is one book that won't waste your time.
But, if you like to waste your time, there's also a website.

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