Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Three Little Fishes

If you think about it, it’s his own fault, really...

While working on his homework last night, Elder Son mentioned that the plural of fish should be fishes.
Which prompted me to look up the lyrics to Three Little Fishes so I could effectively annoy him (complete with bloop bloops, dittum dattums, wattums, and choos) as he sat at the table hunched over the rest of his work.

(The fact that the Three Little Fishes tune popped into my head is the curse of having been employed at a “music of your life” station for exactly two and a half months. Frankly, the boy is lucky I didn't think to look up the song here. )

About my third time through the song, I mistakenly began the verse, “Three little fishies in a little bitty pool…”
And, from the midst of papers and text books, a distinct mutter was heard, “One got eaten, and then there were two.”

I got the message.
Lady, if you keep singing that song, bad things are gonna keep happening until you’ve got no little fishies left.

Annoyance achieved.
My job here is done.

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Bob said...

I can't wait 'til the boy asks if mares eat oats...