Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Survival of the fittest

Generally, I have great respect for ants. I admire their intelligence and work ethic.
If they'd only stay out of my house, we'd enjoy a peaceful co-habitation.

When one of the creatures scurried across my countertop this morning, my first instinct was to crush the little bugger. But, for some reason I paused. I thought, "Let this one go."

So, I did.
Or, at least I tried.

The thing kept running under the items I was working with. Simply bad coincidences, but still, he would not run away.
"Run away!" I finally yelled at him.

Clearly, I was being too subtle.

Finally, I picked up two plastic bottles and banged them on the countertop. Surely the vibrations would freak him out and cause him to hurry back to somewhere safe. Right?

Slam! Slam! Slam!
"Run away! Run away! Run away!"

He ran.
He ran straight under the bottles.
And was immediately crushed.


So much for the intelligence.


Rave said...

....meanwhile, the ant is saying, 'WTF Human! I'm trying to commit suicide here! My g/f just had 100 of someone else's babies....Will you please stop F*n around and crush me already?'

Priscilla said...


It was good of you dear to help him out that way.

He's in a better place.

Richmond said...


DogsDontPurr said...

We have a lot of trouble with ants. After much careful study, we've found that they send out a few explorer ants to find something...like food that has been left out. Once they find something, then we get a whole stream of hundreds of ants.

But we got wise to this. Whenever we see a couple random ants, we squash them and leave their carcasses for the other explorer ants to find. Most times, the other explorers will actually collect the bodies and take them back to wherever they came from, and the infestation stops.

This doesn't always work, but for the most part we've been successful.

Dani said...

In spring the ants all come inside
But none will make it out alive!

Belle said...

If they become a problem, try slicing a fresh lemon and squirting a few drops at their points of entry; ants hate lemon!

Roses said...

DogdDontPurr: I have tried leaving dead bodies as warnings to followers (like shrunken heads on pikes, I guess), but the husband always cleans them up before they can properly scare anything.
Darned clean freak...

Mrs. Who said...

Good thing your husband cleans behind the ants...when you crush one, it sends out a chemical scent for the other ants to find...and then they continue out its mission.