Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm cuckoo for them, apparently

Last night I dreamed I bought a giant-sized box of Coco Puffs.
When I set it on the ground, it was as tall as I am. And it only cost $10.
I was very proud of my purchase.


Analyze THAT!


Andy said...

Roses, that one is deep.

You are feeling less than appreciated lately.

The fact that the box of Coco Puffs was as tall as you, and was a fabulous bargain says that you feel like your family is getting your love and devotion "way too cheap."

Or, it could have just been the onions.

Rave said...

Why do I feel as if these are challenges to me? :-P

You're easy, Roses....really!

Okay- so lets start with the fact that the box of cereal was over-sized....that usually means that you either have an inflated opinion of yourself or of someone else... You may be expressing a desire to be more dominant in some situation or relationship?

Since you got this oversized cereal at a cheap price....it could suggest that you are being undervalued...or you could be cheating someone out of their valuable things.

The item itself matters- since it was cereal, it could be that you were just starving when you got up or that it relates to the discussion you had with your son the other morning....

But you were proud of your purchase....and dreaming that you have pride means that you have to stand up and fight against attacks, usually of integrity.

Which pulls me back to the discussion you had with your son.

Roses said...

Andy: What onions? What did I miss?

Rave: "Why do I feel as if these are challenges to me?"
Um... because they are?

And BTW you guys, I thought this was a *good* dream! ::pouts::

Andy said...

Roses, two apologies.

1) Sorry for throwing cold water on your "good" dream.

2) Eating onions at dinner always gives me odd dreams. I thought it was universal...sorry.

leeann said...

It was a philosophy dream: you dreamed life is a soap opera... a big cheap serial.

Thumper said...

It's really very simple. You like tiny little balls but you want them to come in a very big package...

Dani said...

Ah dreams, without them life would be so much less entertaining.

Roses said...

Andy: No need for apologies. I just wanted to be sure I didn't miss a funny somewhere.

Leann: ::snort::

Thumper: ::double snort::

Rave said...

heheh- I don't mind, really.

**using best Freud voice** So tell me, what do you think of the big package? Hmmm....

Bob said...

Doesn't anyone else see how serious this dream is? Roses is dreaming of becoming a "cereal" killer.

Roses said...

Rave: ::rolls off therapy couch laughing::

Bob: Are you saying I *shouldn't* be eating Coco Puffs with a butcher knife?