Monday, June 08, 2009


Very late Friday night, the husband crept into the bedroom.

"The kids up the street are throwing a party," he whispered to me in the dark. "Cars are parked all up and down the road. I'm gonna walk down there and write down license numbers."

For the next few minutes, I heard him rummage around the house before the door slammed. He and the neighborhood watch guy then strolled down the street together and enjoyed great adventures as the police arrived at the same time.


Saturday morning, I was awake at an unholy hour.
The husband stirred a bit as I bumped around the bedroom in the dark.
"Everything alright?" he asked groggily.
"Yeah," I replied. Then, being a smart ass, "There are a lot of cars parked at the house up the street. But it's okay. The police just showed up to break up their rummage sale."

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